Monday, June 8, 2015

Registration: "Birthing Your Book" Group Coaching TeleClass!

Hi Ladies,

It’s 2015 and I have been receiving good news from so many who participated in our "Birthing Your Book" Teleclass last October. 

After receiving feedback, I decided to make the group smaller in order to have a LIVE Q & A at the end! 

It’s exciting and I can just feel The Lord stretching His people this season as He prepares to release the visions, dreams and purposes He has for your life. 

You have to believe, 

You will birth your book this year!
Now is your time!
You will impact and reach millions of people!

I was moved to help create more messengers! You may feel “stuck” in the book writing process or even feel you don't know where to begin! 


Next Tuesday, June 16, 2015 @7:00PM/CST!

In this class I will cover steps to,

  • Creating a realistic writing calendar 
  • Choosing a effective title and headings
  • Dealing with writer's block & critics
  • Strategizing your publishing process 
  • Help you get clear on your target audience and niche market
  • Live Q & A time at the end! 
  • Including class Manual      

Only $25


The class will last no longer than 1 hour and 20 minutes! I want to cover as much as possible, all while being mindful of your time! 

First 5 registrants will receive a FREE signed copy of my devotional She Laughs! 

Excited to have you!


Ashley Joy 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

9-Day Devotional Series-- #AfruitADay

Day #9 Self-Control 

Wow! I can't believe today we are completing our "Fruit a Day" devotional series! And it's been a honor learning about the character of God and how we as his children have access to be just like our father!

A Fruit a Day--9 Day Devotional Series!

Thank you for joining the 9 day devotional series. Our mission is for women to live the attributes of the Holy Spirit in their daily lives. To examine ourselves and truly come alive to Godly character. 
I'm excited to be taking this journey with you. 

Grab your notebook or journal and let us get full!!


Ashley Joy