Monday, January 9, 2012

Lyrical Rush..

"Peace of Mind" by Lauryn Hill has been playing in my Ipod for the past week. Where I am in my life right now and my LOVE relationship with Jesus is spoken through these lyrics. So pure. Check it:

"To finally be in love and know the real meaning of a lasting relationship/not based on ownership/I trust every part of you cause all that I/ All that you say you do/You love me despite myself/Sometimes I fight myself/I just cant believe that you would have anything to do with someone so insecure/ Someone so immature/Ohh you inspire me to be the higher me/You make my desire pure (2 x's)/Just tell me what to say/I cant find the words to say/Please dont be mad with me/I have no identity/All that i've known is gone/All I was building on/I wanna walk with you/ How do I talk to you/ Touch my mouth with your hands(2x's) Oh I want to understand/The meaning of your embrace I know now I have to face /The temptations of my past/Please dont let me disgrace/Will my devotion last/Now that I know the truth/Now that its no excuse/Keeping me from your love/What was I thinking of/Holding me from ya love/what was I thinking of"

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