Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wedding Day: "Will you be ready or not?"

A poem by Rhetoric poets Ezekiel and Janette...ikz depicts the most beautiful love story of mankind. The groom which represents Jesus Christ and the bride who represents the Church. It's a love story that shares the tails of a waiting bride (the church) who has indulged in worldly pleasure, lowered standards, and false ideologies to name a few. And a groom (Jesus Christ) who has returned for a wedding to find his bride (the church) distorted, tainted and misguided.  

This beautiful depiction of the gospel would pierce the soul of any true believer. Fearful specter of false identity is referenced in lines from the bride--"No lie I got relaxed/then I combined by weaving a lil bit of his will/with a whole lot of mine" and
"I needed a makeover/no one was attracted to me/So I dressed up the gospel."

The conviction really set-in when hearing the lines from the groom--"When you're pregnant with falsehood/It's impossible to receive the truth" and "I am your cover girl/I make up for your lack and deficiencies" and even more mind boggling "I took lashes for your lashes/I took nails for your nails."

This poem was one of the most raw, thought provoking, critically acclaimed gospel messages I have EVER heard. These two young people have painted a mental picture of the illnesses that's taking place in the Church today. 

The most challenging question stated at the end by both poets, Bride and Groom, Church and Jesus boldly ask...."
Will you be ready or not?"

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