Monday, March 19, 2012

A Letter to My Little Sister.

To: The Little Sister I never had and All of the Sisters I found in Christ.
From: Big Sister, Ashley
CC: Jesus Christ

Dear Sis,

My students and I at their Graduation. Oakland 2011
There’s no model, book, magazine or movie that can emulate how beautifully and wonderfully made you are. Although, we don’t have the same blood we were made from the same grains, the same dust, the same Father who thought we ALL were worth the price on Calvary. I guess what I am trying to say Lil Sis there’s no rose, no ocean, no sky or scent that can trace your beauty. From the girl in China who works tirelessly in factories, the girl in Somalia anticipating her next meal, to the girl in Nigeria with hopes of becoming the first Doctor in her family, or even the girl in Alabama who has been diagnosed with HIV. I AM YOU. I carry your burden, pray down your worries, rejoice in your victories and weep in your pain. I have read your letters, witnessed your tears and have felt the devastation from your diagnosis and losses.

My little Hearts. Cousin and Niece. Summer 2011
I speak humbly through experience and awareness, which has taught me life’s most precious lessons. Understand that you’re loved and although at times you may feel “lonely” you are NEVER alone. Throughout this journey in life you may not have someone to encourage and support you. Do yourself a favor and learn the power in encouraging yourself. Allow God to guide you to the fullness of your potential. Find a place of solitude and be sensitive to the voice of God because in every Season He has a word. He loves you more than anything this world can offer and with that Love He showed you. That's why surrounding yourself around good people is essential to your growth. Make sure they are able to nurture your gifts and elevate you to a higher level. STAY AWAY FROM PEOPLE WHO DON’T BELIEVE IN YOUR DREAMS.

They are so BEAUTIFUL! 

Little Sis, it's important not to look for the approval or praises of the masses. Only seek the approval of God. People would disappoint you, family will disappoint you, friends will become enemies, and enemies will become friends. Set your foundation firmly on Christ. The woman who set her happiness on the things above would never be moved by tribulation. Trust God and trust your struggle. Forgive those who hurt you because one day you will need forgiveness. 

My Team. After a long year of community activism.
Sis, don't be your own worst enemy. Live to your full potential and focus on leaving a legacy. A distinguish woman who serves in community, works unselfishly, gives wholeheartedly and love willingly will never be forgotten. So be proactive, and become a voice to the voiceless. Empower the heart and minds of others while stirring up their gifts. Stay true to yourself and identity. Remember to always, always stay HUMBLE. No matter how lovely the external, if your spirit, heart and mind is not in divine order you're just another pretty face.  Too many young women are afraid to RISE up with confidence and walk FIRMLY in their commitments. The time is NOW. Forget what "They" have to say. Step out on Faith and live a life of fulfillment in your purpose.

Hard times will come. You will get tested in the valley, mountains would be high, giants to big to defeat. Don't you ever forget that your steps are ordered and our Father promises to never leave nor fake us. Walk in your inheritance power and never apologize for being who God made you to be. Smile and always know you have a Big sister praying for YOU.

Big Sis Ashley


  1. Wow! This is so awesome. I'm a man and found this very inspiring and helpful. Thank you!

  2. wow!!! I love this!! :) thank you love you

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