Monday, October 29, 2012

The Blessedness In Possessing Nothing

"But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” Matthew 6:33

I had a moment the other day which led me to ask God, “How is this my life? I have it all yet I have nothing” At 26 yrs old I’m living contrary to all the goals I set for myself three years ago. Everything I wanted to be today at this time in my life is all a distant memory, and the old me would have feared this outcome. I have nothing of earthly comfort nor do I own anything of expensive materialistic value. I have no family of my own, marriage, prominent job or titles. And as of recently I gave up a lot of my personal belongings ALL by choice. 

This is totally not the Ashley Joy who wanted to be this big time journalist, interviewing all of the stars, and jet setting across the world on assignments while living this luxurious lifestyle. My life has been a whirlwind the past 3 years, and somewhere in-between all those rocks and hard places I have lost my former desire for “stuff” and the lifestyle the comes with it. Instead, there’s a zeal for me to focus on my spiritual being (Internally) and less focus on the Human being (externally), at a cost of traveling down a road so few travel. So how did I get here? (Please read Blog Post titled "Finding Forever"). This post will focus on the Blessedness that came when I started to release myself from the comfort, standards and attachments of this world. Ya’ll know what I’m talking about the things that look good to the natural eye, but serves NO purpose eternally. 

 Greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world.” 1 John 4:4

As humans, we can find ourselves searching for significance in the things we do and people we know. Career, relationships, materialistic merchandise, applause, accolades, education, etc. starts to become the driving force of our existence. We become enslaved to “stuff” and began to measure our worth by the cars we drive, the degrees on our walls, the homes in which we live, the positions we hold, the relationships we embraced, the recognitions of others, and the size of our savings account. But in-between all of this “getting” there’s a sense of emptiness that produces suicide, anger, jealousy, bitterness, confusion and resentment that’s evident in the hearts of so many people today.

 In ALL of my consumption I was still broken. I can recall one day in prayer, I asked God in frustration; “What do you want from me?” and He responded without reservation loud and clearly “I want your WHOLE heart daughter.” Surprisingly, I was confused because I thought I was giving Him my “whole” heart. I was going to church, bible study, saying my prayers and being good to others like I was suppose too. And that should be enough, right? WRONG!! I’ve realized I was just fitting God into my already busy schedule; He was competing for my heart against men, idols, my lust for material things, career, money, etc. So He didn’t have my WHOLE heart, He only had a piece of my heart. He desired to be first place in every area in my life, period!! And from that day forward that prayer changed my life forever.

It was in that season when I allowed God to wreck my heart and take complete control over my finances, relationships, desires, goals, and visions when He showed me the purposes He had for me in this life. He resurrected new goals, desires, visions that surpassed EVERYTHING I wanted for myself. I never again wanted image to consume me nor did I want the pursuit of success to become my idol. I only wanted my outer life to reflect what was going on in my heart.

I’m not saying I don’t like nice things, because I do A LOT actually LOL but what I am saying I had to put the desire for ALL of that “stuff’ in it’s proper place. I had to invest in the eternal things that make the most difference. My soul is at peace all because I made the decision to allow my gifts, and talents to be my MOST prized possession. I desire God’s presence more than His presents.  Whew!

                                                I’m FINALLY living the Good Life!!

On my way to dinner this past week in London, England! Great Times!


  1. Love your posts, I could definitely relate. It's always encouraging to see others walking this walking contrary to what the world deems "right." Be encouraged & Keep Pursuing God!

  2. I like that 'God's presence more than his presents'. I have a Christian wordpress blog also and its really nice to have a blogger who I can look up to! God bless you, amen. And how are you finding London, I hope the weather hasn't been too much of a shock, I'm a Londoner (we love to talk about the weather).

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