Monday, November 12, 2012

Distinctive Female: 2013 Vision Board Challenge!

Calling ALL Ladies, Sorry Gents!

"Where there's no vision the people perish" Proverbs 29:18

Yesterday, I posted a picture of my board and  tools as I was preparing to start my Vision Board for 2013! I was amazed at all inquires I got regarding the vision board. Some questions like “What is a Vision Board?” “Where do I start” and comments like “I need to renew mine!” I was ecstatic to learn so many women were interested, even my niece that night sent me a picture of her starting her Vision Board process!

So God being the amazingly, faithful God that He is put it on my heart to invite ALL Women to join in! We have 1 Month & 19 days left in the year! Let's start preparing ourselves to go forth in 2013 with clear mind and focus. Let me start by answering below some of the questions I received yesterday.

What is a Vision Board? A visual display of all the things you wish to accomplish within the next year or more.

What’s the purpose?  As life gets busy we sometimes push our deepest desires to the back of our To-Do-List! This board will help keep you focus and accountable for ALL the things you long for!

Renew The Vision? If you have already did one in the past I will suggest that you continuously take things you have accomplished off and place new things on.

What if I don't know the vision or Purpose for my life yet, Can I still make one? YES! Do not feel discouraged because God hasn't reveal that aspect of your life yet. Your Vision board doesn't have to consist of specific things if you don't want it to. Below is examples of several types of Vision Boards.

-The “I Know Exactly What I Want” Vision Board

This board will consist of specifics. For example, if you know what destination of travel you would like to go to this year like, Hawaii you would place a picture of Hawaii. Or if you know you want to spend more time in prayer with God you will write "1 hr a day with God" or post a picture that represents that!

-The "Opening and Allowing Vision" Board                                                                              
Your not sure about what exactly you want but you know God have some great things in store for you. So unlike the specific vision board you know that you desire to do more traveling but you don't know exactly where. So place pictures of remote destinations, airplanes, or places with sun that represents that.

The Challenge

  1. I believe in the POWER of Sisterhood so I want you to get some girlfriends, buy some snacks, inspirational music, candles and spend a Friday or Saturday night with great laughs. Each of you should get the chance to discuss with your Sisters your deepest desires and purpose in life. Have Fun and NO boys allowed =)
  2.  I believe these 5 key areas should be displayed on your board.
a.     Health
b.     Finance
c.      Career
d.     Faith
e.     Travel

        Note: This is your vision board that you would have to look at everyday for the next yr. Although I am making suggestions feel free to add any other specific area that you would like. For myself I added Fashion and Inspiration section to my board. So be creative!

     3. Tools: I am not the most arts & crafty woman in the world LOL so for some of you who may stress like I did in the beginning. Relax!!  Don't worry about the beauty of it all. Remember, this is for your eyes only. I’ve seen women paint their vision board, some used markers, and the most popular is magazine cutouts! So DON’T limit yourself!
  • Glue Stick
  • Pencil/Eraser
  • Scissors
  • Lots of Magazines 
  • Sharpie Markers
  • Any size, any color presentation type board
Note: Please fill free to add whatever item to this list. Don't spend a lot of money on items. It's about the content!

   4. Mission Statement: What is your Mission for this year? At the top/Center/Bottom of your board have a Quote/Scripture/Statement that best describes what your focus for this yr. Mine is “Dream Big. Pray Bold”!

  5. Finally, I want you to skip steps 1-4 and get right to this step immediately. PRAY, ask God to reveal in your Heart the desires & purposes He wants for you. Although we as humans desire a lot of things, its ONLY God plans that will prevail. Proverbs 19:21

One last thing, send pictures to! I will be posting your Vision Board and your parties between now and December 31st! Don’t wait until the last week of 2012, get started now!! Tell your friends, co-workers, Mom, Aunts, etc! I'am SUPER excited about your Journey!

Me and My Vision Board!! 2013 is going to be a Blessed year!

Cheers Ashley Joy!!

More Examples!


  1. I think this is a great idea! I saw the post and I just sent an email to my RAs to ask them if all the girls in my dorm can do it as a floor event! So glad God opened up your heart to share this was us! Can't wait to get started on mine =)

    1. Thank You for sharing this post with others! Such a great idea to do it on your college campus. Keep me updated and please send pics!

  2. Me, my friend, and her daughter all did vision boards together! I even bought a frame for mines and it was hanging next to my fell off. Well now I have a reason to hurry and put it back up so i can send u a pic! Love your post on this! <3

  3. Hello Ashley, on Dec. 29th 2012 a group of about 20 women are coming together at a "Dream Big Party" to create our Vision Boards. I'm the host and we are so excited! Just came across your blog today. I also sent all the ladies a link so that they can subscribe to your blog. Love your blog..Michelle

  4. I will start my vision board this weekend...fresh for 2013. Thank You!

  5. Victoria Christopher Murray told me about vision boards on FB. I just happen to have a presentation board( I'm a teacher.), some old magazines, and glue!! It's on like "Donkey Kong." LOL

  6. Hi Ashley
    Firstly thank you for sharing how to create a vision board, and showing your own.
    I am about to put together a vision board, my second in fact. My first is still up in my room and I see it daily. However it covers my whole ideal and what I want to achieve in life, whereas you have recommended doing a year at a time. I am going to do a 10 year plan as requested by a colleague and see how that goes. Thank you once again and heres to a wonderful 2013 for sisterhood

    1. I would suggest do a year at a time, but it all depends on the person. It gives you a greater perspective, I believe when you focus on one year at a time!! God Bless!

  7. I love this. A mentor of mine adviced me to do this. I'm so excited and pumped! Thanks for the tips! :)

  8. I have the board, I have the visions! This is where action meets intention!!!! :)

  9. Hi Ashley,
    I really love the idea of a vision board. I first came across the term late last year and toyed with the idea of creating one for myself...well apart from collecting positive affirmations I never really got to get any done. Now I really want to get my girlfriends together and give it ago. 2013 is still young and I believe that the best point to begin is from where you are! Thanks for sharing!
    Pam (Kenya)

  10. Wow!! Pam, thanks for sharing! I would love to see the completion of your board. Please email it to me when you're done.

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