Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013:Turning Vision Into Fruition

"Clear Vision, Creates a Clear Future"

Happy New Year!! What an honor to be alive to witness another year. I don’t know about you but I am super excited about what God has in store for each of us. The preparation going into this year has been both great and challenging. I truly believe with my whole heart that THIS year would be the year to see purpose and dreams becoming reality. BUT understand it would not be for your own glory, satisfaction, nor comfort. If your focusing on self, self-promotion, self-satisfaction, or self-reliance you will not get all what God has for you.  This Christian life is selfless. There are people out in the world who need you to write that book, compose that song, obtain that degree, start that non-profit, etc. because their destiny is depending on your purpose. Let’s get to it, shall we!

Purpose is serious business. God has a great plan, a vision for each of us. When we look at the life of Daniel we see he had a great responsibility of not only receiving the vision but also interpreting them. I honor Daniel for not only being a man of great faith, but for POSITIONING himself to be used by God even in a ungodly culture. It’s time we get ourselves in proper position.

The Beautiful Ladies of Cairn University, at their Vision Board Party
Many of you who joined my 2013 Vision Board Challenge was able to interpret the vision God has given you for your life, and took necessary steps by creating a physical visual of what that would look like. Some of your boards have absolutely blown me away. I was literally awestruck by the diligence, excellence and time that went into creating it. And all that God has in store for you. But the TIME is NOW to bring it to past. Below I give you steps on how to bring that Vision into fruition

1. Make it a Habit to consistently communicate with God.
In the morning, night, during the day. The Bible instructs us to “Pray without Ceasing” You must always be in communion with God. He will give you the wisdom, knowledge and guidance you need to bring your vision to past. Years ago when God gave me the vision I was going to be traveling the world, I honestly couldn’t wrap my head around it. I was praying earnestly that he direct my steps in making the right decisions. A couple of months later there was an opening at my job that would have started August 2011. When preparing to submit my resume, and cover letter to my Manager at the time I remember God speaking to me “Do not submit that resume, that's not what I want for you.” I obeyed and instead of starting that job in Oakland August 2011, I was on a plane August 2011 going oversees to live and work. If I was not consistently communicating with God, I would have missed what He had for me. I would have missed Him telling me to get my passport, even though finances were low and I was struggling to eat a good meal everyday. In that season I had to depend on God like never before, but nothing else mattered because my steps were ordered! And yours can be too!

2. Silence your inner critic!
I believe we all battle insecurities to some sort of degree. But I don’t believe those insecurities should cripple you into living the BEST life God has for you. That little voice in your head that’s telling you “You will never achieve that” “You don’t have money to do that” “You’re not pretty enough, talented enough, smart enough” That voice is our inner critic! Learn the voice and SPEAK back to it when necessary! It’s the enemy scheme to distract you so he can destroy you from destiny.  Learn the scriptures, post it everywhere. Around your house, on the mirrors and if you’re like myself I sleep with my Bible right next to me so when I wake up I can quickly remind myself of WHO I AM and WHOSE I AM!

3. Kill Procrastination
    Procrastination is the enemy of success. It's a Dream Killer!  Don’t put off what you can do today, tomorrow and most definitely do not go by how you “feel.” I talked about The dangers of unchecked emotions here. Remember, procrastination is not your friend, its your enemy. Always keep that in mind! It’s a set-up to make you lose. Just think about that one thing that you have been putting off for so long. Trust me I use to be the Procrastination Queen, until I opened my big eyes one day and realized that life was going to pass me by if I didn’t fight for my destiny and start moving. That day I probably did a ton of pressing issues that was on my heart to do, and one of those things was starting this blog! Which leads me to the next Step of...

4. Self-Control & Discipline
These two characteristics are vital when pursuing purpose. It's a absolutely MUST that you have them both. Self-Control will keep you from pursuing anything outside of God's will for your life. Whether, its relationships both personal and professional, jobs, partaking in certain activities, etc. You need self-control to keep you focused on God's promises. Discipline will be vital in bringing vision to pass. Discipline will help you defeat procrastination. All the successful people I know, mastered the art of discipline. 

5. Perfect your gifts
Use this time wisely. Everyday of your life should be lived intentionally. God cannot use someone who is not adequately prepared. So, if you need more education, go get it. If you need to brush up on some skills, get a tutor or visit YouTube. For myself, when God gave me the vision to write a book. I was only halfway decent, but I took iniative and went out and brought tons of writing textbooks. I read and studied the work of my favorite writers, etc. I practiced, practiced, practiced daily. I even sent my work so others can edit, and give me feedback. Honing your skills daily is a MUST!! 

6. Do your Research
Read! Read! Read! Get informed about the industry you would like to be in. Whether, it’s fashion, medical, government, acting or missions. Do your research! God is using his children mightily all across different industries. How can you say you want to be a hairstylist and you know nothing about protective hair care? How can you say you want to be a fashion designer, and you don't know the name of one label? There are tons of resources out there. Find a mentor, use your social media outlets, and connect with people. Trust me, divine relationships will start to build and God will use the right people, and open the right doors to get you where you need to be. Be open!

In closing, remember the Visions & dreams God has given you is his, not yours. And it is he that would bring it to pass, in due season. And no matter what he calls us to do, we must never forget to give God all the glory. He is kind and loving enough to bless us with a small part in the big play called life. So acknowledge him in all that you do and He will direct your path. Be Determined, have pure motives, stay humble and smile!! 

2013 is your year to bring your Vision into Fruition!!

Cheers to the New Year!


  1. Love this Ash!! It's so true what you're writing. I'm battling with self control & discipline now but I do believe I will overcome it soon. I thank God for having your twitter cross mines..since then I've followed you, inspired by you & have a total different outlook on things. Thanks again x

    1. Yes, I've battled with Discipline & Self control for so long! Keep pushing. God Bless!

  2. Thanks for this Ashley. I definitely need to do my research and perfect my gifts. I need to get books on writing and storytelling. God help me as I go on to fulfill my purpose.

  3. Praise God Sis, I will be keeping you in my prayers!! Go Higher!

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  5. Hi Ashley, wow this was really helpful. No wonder you referred me to this article on your blog. One thing I've always been on the fence about was in my job applications. I always assumed that if the door was for me it will be for me and just applied if I liked the specs and thought people who waited on God to help them choose a job to be unbalanced. My viewpoint was that God gave us healthy minds to strategize with. I'm inspired by your choice to wait on God's directions even in that area and what a blessing that lifestyle has been to you. Pray as I “work out my salvation” in that area. I learned a lot in just one article. God Bless.

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