Monday, February 4, 2013

Did You Know It's All About Being Intentional?

"In the second month of the New Year I wanted to give a powerful push into your spirits today, to take action on what God has spoken to you. In this post I pray to change your perspective and help you put your feet in movement." Ashley Joy

What is it that you need that's keeping you from walking in your God-given purpose? What skill set need to be learned? What relationships need to be built? What excessive baggage needs to be left behind? Who do you need to forgive in order to move forward? A parent, aunt, ex-boyfriend/girlfriend, etc?

Whatever it is that needs to be done it's time to make it happen. There are no shortcuts, there's no getting around it. In order for you to be the best version of you, be intentional! What do I mean by that? I mean stop letting life past you by without being an active participant. Some of you all been sitting on the sidelines way to long, knowing you got what it takes to get in the game.  The Scripture tells us our "Faith without works is dead." Sometimes we may be waiting on God, but at times he's waiting on us to stand on his promises and go after it. Understand, what you don't do, he would raise someone else to do. Remember the story of Moses and Joshua?!? Moses was a powerful man of God, Moses didn't go anywhere unless God was going with him. Although, Moses knew his instructions, and often received clear directions from God, he lost his position because he didn't do what God told him to do. Despite him knowing what to do. I know some people may think, "WOW! That's very harsh of God to take it all away." But the moral of the story is Moses was disobedient. He was too busy with trying to please others, when the only person he should have been pleasing was God! 

 God needs his work to be done on earth, and I don't know about you but no Joshua or anyone else is going to take my position! God desires YOU! No more days of just sitting around as life pass you by, and not putting forth your best effort. Everyday you step out of bed, be intentional about living this life with standards, responsibility, accountability, and excellence! 

Like, Moses do not have this great faith but refuse to operate in the clear directions God has given you to live the most purposeful life. The world is waiting for you to write that book, compose that song, start that non-profit, love unlovable, and reach the unreachable! I pray God puts fire under you that will never allow you to get comfortable, but will always allow you to be intentional in your living!' 

Don't give up, Don't give in, Don't get weary!

Love You too Life,

Ashley Joy

This post was originally used for the "Alive On Purpose, Zero Campaign" A great organization you can follow on Twitter or Website

Also, below I hosted a tweet chat about living intentionally with the hash-tag #LiveIntentionally. Here are some highlights from that Chat. Thank you for those who participated. 



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  2. Very uplifting message; thanks for sharing...