Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Journal Challenge: 21-Days Soul Detox Testimonials!

Hi Sisters,

Wow! I can't believe we're 5 days away from completing the Soul Detox Journal Challenge. We had over 200+ women sign up and 173 on the prayer call we hosted to kick the challenge off. I am blessed by all the testimonies women have been sending me about the breakthroughs, "light-bulb" moments, job promotions and so forth. Also, there has been set-backs, disappointments, distractions and attacks from the enemy. 

I would like to create a safe place for you to be honest about your 21-days. Maybe you stopped at 10 days or maybe you missed days but got back on track. Our testimonies become stronger as we share them. We need to stop facing this thing called life alone. There is someone out there who been through or maybe going through what you're going through. There is nothing new under the sun. The scripture tells us that we defeat the enemy by giving our testimony. 

I also will be posting my testimony in the coming days. I will try my best to respond to everyone. Be Bless and encourage your sister-in-Christ!! Let's get to posting below!!

In Love,

Ashley Joy


  1. Hello beautiful ladies!!! let me start off by saying how much this Soul Detox challenge has blessed me. I've definitely encountered Christ in news ways and have discovered my love for just being in his presence all over again. This was truly a challenge though. I am a single mother so finding time especially in the evening was difficult. Not only do I have to make sure my son is taken care of, I'm living with my mother so finding time when there's absolute quiet was challenging. I started off having my quiet time in the evening because honestly I strongly DISLIKE getting up early in the morning lol. So after I gave my son a bath I would head out to my car and find the time to journal. That worked for like the first couple of days but soon came different things that made it difficult for me to find the time or if I did finally get the time I was rushing through it because I was so tired. I was beginning to notice that it was becoming less and less authentic and something needed to change quick! After prayer and deep thought I made the decision to make a sacrifice and wake up an hour before I regularly needed too in order to make my time with God more meaningful. Now as I said before I do NOT like getting up early but it is the only time that I'm not distracted or bombarded with a ton of things to do. So on day 11 I started getting up at 5am and having my quiet time. So far it's gone beautifully!!! God has been revealing things and quite frankly I'm more refreshed and ready to start my day than I was before. Although this challenge is coming to an end, my journey with Christ is going strong. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to participate in this with all of you! It's been a joy and I've met some new sisters along the way! Thank you so much Ashley for this! Hope you ladies are doing well!! Love you guys to pieces!

    1. This is a wonderful testimony, I just learned of the challenge so i have not started yet. I too have a hard time getting up in the morning, so I would study my bible at night as a start. But now I want to get up earlier before work and study it.

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  3. This journal challenge definitely tested me in more ways than one. I knew I was going to get attacks from the enemy because when God first gave me the vision for women everywhere to spend more time in His presence. I knew the enemy wasn't going to be happy about it. However, throughout this journey I have learned so much about myself and the leader God refining me to become. Anytime I missed some days spending time in presence of God or quickly hurried the process. I felt bad like I somewhat cheated God. It wasn't until I took accountability and realized that my relationship with Christ is the most important relationship in my life and I need to spend time to know my father more intimately. It started to become delightful instead of a duty. I started to yearn for His presence, and even when I stopped I missed being there. Overall this challenge changed my life. I met women globally who have a heart for God and serving others. I am blessed and I vow to continue spending time in His presence daily.

    Thank You to all the ladies who stuck it out. I know at the beginning of something new everybody can be excited and later lose their zeal. But I believe there's POWER in completion. It says a lot about who you are.

    Cheers to growing in Christ!!

  4. This challenge was sooooooo on time for me. First of all, I was already on the tail end of getting over one of the MOST difficult seasons I've ever been through. And I was already feeling the effects of my burden being less of weight on me. But this journal challenge kinda put it into overdrive. Its funny because God was already telling me he was going to push me to be in more communication with him. because when it was up to me...I wasnt all that consistent with it. So all of it makes sense! But I can really see how not only am I restored back to my self (because in my season i was NOT myself or who God wanted me to be) But I'm SO MUCH MORE! And this testimony is something that I just CANT hold in. The irony of that is that I was SO introvert with my spirituality up until now. I mean I had an anointing....but i kept it SO hush it was crazy. Now, Im on fire for God like Ive never been before. And I dont wanna stop here! So journaling helps me keep that fire going. Because my next step, is I want to be BLAZING, and then from there, START A FIRE with my testimonies, my words, my talent, my purpose, my spirit, my anointing! I always picked it up...put it down...picked it up....stopped...started again. But when i consistently journaled it added to my consistency with God. And thats ALL he wants from me. It makes sense when you HEAR that. But it drives the point home when you really apply it! I also have another act of affirmation that I do called my #OneDayCloser challenge. It came to be just days after what I declared my breakthrough day. I posted a pic on Instagram and I subconsciously hashtag "shout out to my one day closer". Because I spent SO many days and nights in a DARK place that I knew I didnt belong in....that I truly knew that as long as the days were rolling, whether I knew it, acknowledged it, believed it or not...God was bringing me closer to where he wanted me to be. So regardless, EVERYDAY is #OneDayCloser. And even when I come into a blessing, it still continues because God is a God of abundance and I have much more to come as I continue to progress in life. Thats Yearly, monthly...more importantly DAILY! And I post a pic everyday to depict that. So to summarize, thank you for YOUR vision which was sewn into mine. This is the kind of thing that happens when you move when God gives you a vision. Your a vessel and I appreciate you. Also, please give a follow on Instagram (NicoleTruth) and be sure to follow my #OneDayCloser. Its in my heart to make it a MOVEMENT! Because for me its now a lifestyle. And I'd be selfish to keep it all to myself! Thank you!!

  5. What I've learned through this challenge more than anything; It's never too late, & to pray hardest when it's hardest to pray. There were times when things going on around me had me feeling so heavy that I didn't write..I couldn't even form words to write. I prayed, but I didn't write. And I am learning that that was part of my test. I might not have written then, but I jumped back in. It's not too late. He's always there, just waiting for us. I know there is a blessing coming soon. Every time I embark on a journey to better & continue to grow in my relationship with God I get hit hard. It seems like everything just comes down at once. And that is why I have to pray even when it feels like I can't. I thank God for you ladies & this challenge, & I encourage whoever needs it to hang in there! He's got you, & you're closer than you know.

  6. Hello and good morning to all my beautiful sisters. Whewww I have had such an amazing time with this journal challenge. Before I even saw the request to join the challenge I was just getting back to myself and redefining my relationship with the lord. I had fallen in love all over again. Like the prodigal I came home. Thank you jesus! I decided to go out and buy a new journal and in the 1st two pages I wrote my vision and made it plain. Through these 21 days I have seen God move like never before. I asked God to reveal to me the fullness of my purpose because we can't perform fully with only half a portion. He has led me to profess some things that I have been fighting him on because I didn't feel I was good enough. He told me I called you and sent you not you nor man. And he has been transforming my mind. His word has and is still being embedded in my heart. Sometimes its hard to do something but when you begin to make a habit of it, you feel incomplete when you don't. I thank the lord for restoring my passion and desire. I have been freed to share my testimony under the unction of the holy spirit only!! I must share though without being too long winded because I could talk all day about the awesomeness of God. In the midst of all the wonderful things God has done the attacks started to come left and right, back to back. Especially at my job. Personally the devil was attacking my mind with negative and destructive thoughts. Telling me that I would never become what I was supposed to in God. That because of my past I wouldn't be excepted to do ministry because ppl will only remember what they saw. But I thank God that my growth spiritually caused me to counter act all those negative thoughts with the word of God. I will honestly say it was a challenge some days because your "emotions" overwhelm you and you find yourself really fighting depression for no reason. But leaning on Jesus to be your strength will keep you. Another testimony is that I asked my friend to do it with me and asked quite a few ppl and they said yes but my one friend was the only one to do it. I really saw God change her. Not to put her out there but she had a temper problem and always felt the need to plead her case when she was attacked but God quieted her and gave her peace. She became the peace maker. I have to say that I was also presented with my struggle that God delivered me from recently and I bless his name that I was able to look it in the face and resist. I'm not saying that it wasn't a challenge but I LET GOD BE MY STRENGTH.!! I could go on and on but I had to share something. I am looking forward to the things God has for me and prayerfully all of us will stay committed and keep moving forward. I must encourage someone today that though you got off track, got distracted or fell there is still time to come back and get on board. There is nothing that can keep us from his love.

  7. I found the Soul Detox Challenge to be very fulfilling. The challenge was also full of revelations. I've been searching for employment and I secured an interview and even turned down a job in the past week alone. I also got a vision of entrepreneurship, something I had never before experienced.

    God is setting me up for something magnificent, I can feel it :)

    I've experienced the presence of God more profoundly than ever before. I am stronger and more confident in my faith. I learned that I was screwing up badly and heading confidently down a path of destruction, acting as my own god.

    As a result of my Soul Detox Challenge, I made the vow to live for God alone, doing His will for my life, acknowledging Him in all ways, no longer leaning on my own understanding. Now I desire a life of constant worship.

    I stayed strong throughout this challenge. The one thing working to separate me from fulfilling God's will for my life was actually a person, a man, a man who does not desire to know God as I do and I've let him go. I lost him and the distraction he was for me, and gained so much more from God in exchange.

    I cannot thank Ms. Ashley enough for listening to the voice of God and starting the Soul Detox Challenge. I pray that God continue to bless her.

  8. Thank you Ashley for bringing the challenge. I needed to get back into my alone time with God and having accountability sisters helped. #celebratingTheDISCIPLINE


  9. Thank you Ashley Joy for being obeident to God's word. I'm still writting and spending time with God daily. This has really changed my life and my way of thinking. I have wavered so much in the last couple of years when it comes to my faith. For some reason this time it feels different. I know I still have a long way to go but I'm committed. Both prayer calls were amazing but that last one about consistency really hit home. I had a habit of starting things and not finishing. I'm here to say not anymore. I really enjoy following you on social media keep up God's work and I look forward to whatever God puts on your heart to do next.

    Stay Blessed,