Monday, August 25, 2014

Pre-Order for "She Laughs" Devotional--ITEM SOLD OUT!!

Hi Lovelies,

It's been awhile!! I have some exciting news to share. My new book "She Laughs: A Devotional with Motivational Quotes and Life Lessons for the Overcoming Woman" is releasing August 27, 2014!! How exciting?! I just love living and operating in purpose. Most importantly I LOVE inspiring women to live fulfilling lives through my writing and speaking.

Promotional Flyer!

Here's the deal. You can pre-order a Author's copy of the Devotional RIGHT NOW!! Please wait 2-3 weeks for shipping. I'm ordering a bulk order and ALL books will be signed personally by me. If you don't want to be inconvenienced, you are welcome to wait for Wednesday August 27, 2014 the official release date to order on Amazon. Please note, books ordered on will not be signed.

This devotional is special to my heart. I wrote it in different seasons of my life where God was really pressing me to trust Him more. It was trying times and also good times, but throughout all times I have learned to Laugh without fear of the future. I hope you enjoy the read by me and some powerful women in Ministry!

Book Description:

This delightful devotional will help readers examine the foundation of making wise choices, instruct them on how to break unhealthy thoughts patterns, and equip them with habits that will ensure an overcoming lifestyle. Daily meditations are full of life lessons, quotes, questions for thought, and insightful prayers. Also, ample space to journal intimate revelations that could help the reader take her life to the next level with a better attitude. 

The devotional will explore topics such as:  Love-Marriage, and Christ Love. Travel/Missionary. Forgiveness. Biblical Womanhood. Overcoming -Fear, Disappointment, and Rejection. Prayer. Sisterhood. Royal Daughter 

And so much more!!

Sorry this item is sold out, I appreciate the support!! Please visit Amazon.Com to purchase!! 


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  1. I know I'm late on ordering but I'm placing my order now is there anyway to still get an autographed copy?