Friday, November 14, 2014

Wedding Story: Meet The Suttons

Hi Lovelies,

I am so thrilled to FINALLY share my Wedding Story. Michael and I got married this past August 14, 2014 in Decatur, Georgia. We shared our special moment with 80 of our nearest and dearest family/ friends. Our desire was to have something intimate, and detailed. Our colors were Raspberry, Orange, and Fuschia. The bridal party included ONE Maid-Of-Honor Dejah Causey (My Niece) and ONE Best-Man Abel Sutton (Michael's Brother).

Why Decatur? It's right in-between New Orleans, La (My Hometown) and Elizabeth City, NC (Michael's Hometown). We thought it would be great for our families to spend a weekend in Atlanta. 

Why didn't you have a bridal party? To be totally honest Michael and I wanted to have a elopement style wedding in Paris, France where we got engaged in November 2013. However, we couldn't see ourselves not having our parents and siblings. So we decided to still have an intimate style wedding with a small guestlist. We wanted our day to focus on Christ and the beautiful mystery of marriage--and what it represents!! (And it Did!!)

Wedding Planner: Sandra Sutton (The Bridal Lounge)
Venue: Dekalb County Courthouse (Decatur, Georgia)
Floral Designs- K&Co Florals
Cupcakes: Jadey Cakes
Photography: Photojenik Photography
Budget: $8,000-$10,000

Enjoy The Photos!!
PS. Scroll to the bottom and I share the link to the online photo album! Click Sutton Wedding.


  1. This is beautiful. It's nice that you had am intimate ceremony. I really love that sign "Choose a seat not a side..." That's too cute! God bless your marriage!

  2. I appreciate your choice of wedding venue and your love with your wife. I am also planning anniversary surprise for my wife and finding some Chicago Wedding Venues. So dear, I need your help. Please recommend me some good venues?